The most innovative & efficient retractable loading platform
system used worldwide!

PrestonUSA is a construction rental business providing specialized materials handling solutions servicing North America, and our patented Superdeck Retractable Loading Platform System is used for moving construction materials to and from the construction floors safely and efficiently.

The Superdeck system is designed to minimize any hindrance to crane ropes and loads, significantly increasing safety, and by vertically stacking the units this further increases the efficiency of materials handling and crane productivity.

The innovative and proven Superdeck Retractable Loading Platform System is quickly becoming the preference for construction and building companies throughout North America.


  • Enables safe and efficient delivery of all building materials to multiple floors
  • Designed for safe and efficient installation, relocation and removal
  • Suitable for all construction floor types (concrete, steel etc)
  • Proven to reduce construction costs
  • Provide superior safety benefits
  • Vertically positioned for increased crane productivity and safety
  • Minimized crane movements creating faster and more efficient crane operation
  • Crane operators can "spot" the superdeck in one location, substantially increasing crane productivity and faster completion
  • Folds flat to reduce transport costs allowing multiple deliveries at one time
  • Greatly reduced obstruction to crane rope and load
  • 11,000 Lbs safe work load (UDL)
  • Adjustable shores pre-fitted for fast and easy installation
  • One person easy push-pull operation
  • Self levelling ramps provide easy access for forklift pallet trolleys or dolly systems
  • Fitted with fixed safety harness anchor points
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